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When's the last time you were confident in your decision-making process? We have the talent for developing and launching dreams.

Tech Group Meetup

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Day dreaming of ways to enhance one's existence and find meaning in projects with a purpose? We've been there before. Let our experts ask the right questions to develop your plan of action. Where do you see yourself right now? Are you happy or wanting more? Our project analysts notice details while our creative team sketches into a storyteller's dream book. Operations managers see the task through to completion, keeping our team on task and within budget. Confident we know what it takes to get you there, we look forward to joining you on your journey.

  • Startup Business Development
  • Marketing & Public Relations
  • Film & Website Production
  • Creative Services Management


Keely Grigel
Award-winning project manager (Daytime Emmy, Webby, Film Festivals, Top Performer, VisFX Engineering). Strategic partnerships, entertainment tech & web development
Creative Services
Full scale marketing campaign production from branding consulting, artist recruiting, talent procurement, and organizing all necessary launch activities.
Digital Media
Wordpress website creative, ecommerce store setup, customer relationship marketing including brand management, publicity, events, photography, video, graphic design, email newsletter campaigns, client communications, and vendor relationship management.
Entertainment Tech
Project development, production, and post production services. Engineering groundwork in digital camera workflow, lighting design, web development and software design.


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