Tech Group Meetup helps struggling companies implement better solutions. It was launched by Keely Grigel, whose career spans award-winning projects in web development and entertainment industry technology.

Within 15 years, Keely has pioneered technical workflows, UX design & marketing projects for iconic brands Prince, John MayerJosh Groban, Ludacris, Chris BrownThe Killers, and Bam Margera.

The Sundance Institute, William Morris Agency-Endeavor, AEG-Live Goldenvoice Coachella, Pepperdine, and Tommy Wiseau– all of these experiences trained her how to be a fearless disrupter in guiding clients how to best structure their dreams.

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How to work best with a freelancer in 2018

Don’t assume that freelancers, while technically skilled, will provide technical expertise. It’s an error to assume that any freelancer could provide advice/technical expertise to help achieve an optimized product. It is possible to go through many battles to make sure what you want is what you get. Lesson: Freelancers may have mixed emotional investments in …