Case Studies

Challenge #1 – Engineering Logistics
 for Digital Media Content

“How to Produce the World’s Largest Live Concert”

Keely Grigel’s team won the 1st ever Daytime Emmy Award for Broadband, Live 8. She set standard operating procedural encoding specs for the largest sponsorship campaign in history.

The coordination of live concert production companies, event management vendors, and multi-media sponsorship deliverables from 10 concerts in 8 countries required satellite truck data streams into the AOL production office.

This project was a live broadcast website build, complete with live event editing, and post-show analytics analysis. Pre-production included requirements gathering to drive the digital sponsorship placement assets as well as day-of post-production team video encoding project management.

Another key component included live event creation of metadata tags resulting from Keely functioning as post-production pit boss to coordinate 70 foreign translators to identify key moments of evergreen content to be repurposed by all key stakeholders.

3 billion viewers, 1,000 musicians, 182 tv networks, and 2,000 radio networks joined this world charity super-concert created by Bob Geldof and Midge Ure.

* Live 8, Daytime Emmy Award for “Outstanding Achievement in Video Content for Non-Traditional Delivery Platforms.” 2005
* Live 8, Webby Award: “Top 10 Moments That Changed the World.” 2005

Challenge #2 – Explosive Online Ad Growth

“How to chart the course of the new digital sponsorship model”


The successful implementation of online business development strategies to produce content.

Keely Grigel launched the digital workflow for AOL Video Sponsorships. This resulted in a 40% increase during the transition from paid site to sponsorship-driven business model.

At its zenith, AOL’s membership was over 30 million members worldwide. Working with global ad agencies and teams ranging from 10-15 people on 20 weekly projects, Keely project managed the encoding of hundreds of video assets recieved in various formats to launch weekly sponsorships averaging $2.5 million.

The new business model required new specs and standardization. Keely worked with engineering science teams as part of the IAB Broadband Committee to create specs and implement standards.

She served as the point-of-contact / technical video liaison to national sales regions, ad agency creative teams, and trafficking departments during all phases of multi-million dollar advertising deals across all Time Warner properties.

By coordinating data analysis for the sales inventory pipeline, this helped predict scheduling requirements. In sourcing contract editors and designers, the team developed new products for creating added value on cross-promotional accounts experienced on other forms of media.

Challenge #3 – Digital Video Online Engineering

“Software Development, Legacy, Multi-Sales Regions, Budgeting”

Keely Grigel was responsible for integrating the constantly evolving online video format into new sponsorship units for international ad agencies, Warner Bros, and other studios during the acquisition of, a network of 3,000 websites.

* Acquisition, Ted Leonsis Project Management Award (AOL), 2006

Challenge #4 – Engineering large-scale content distribution

“How to set best practices and software development requirements gathering of an electronic mastering system for large scale content customization, transcoding and distribution.”

* Technology and Engineering Emmy Award (Warner Bros), 2012

Challenge #5 – Communication Between Cross-Functional Teams

“Conducting and applying research to computer science discoveries”


Team leadership and research coordination to participate in setting industry standards for web design, online video, and user experience design. These studies occurred over a period of several years and led to what is now known as UX Design.

Challenge #6 – Digital Marketing

“How to compete in a 24-hour news cycle, maintain, and develop client relations with celebs and sponsorships”


The new launch of AOL Welcome Screen Daily Promotions, AOL Online Video Sponsorships, and relationships with key stakeholders. This included sponsorships and production on AOL Music Live Concert Broadcasts and AOL Moviefone celebrity interviews from 2003-2007

Challenge #7 – How to setup a new department for A-list clients

“William Morris Endeavor Talent Agency in-house digital agency launch”


Creative Services Department launch workflow consultant. Designed concert tour sponsorship presentations for A-List celebrities and sourced website vendors for major contracts in the $3-7 million dollar range.

Clients included Prince, John Mayer, Josh Groban, Chris Brown, Ludacris, Michelle Wie, Bam Margera, and The Killers.

Challenge #8 – Production Logistics

“How can 200,000 concert fans attend a new festival in Downtown Los Angeles?”


Production teamwork, coordination in a fast-paced environment. Lineup included Beck, Queens of the Stone Age, Basement Jaxx, Blonde Redhead, Of Montreal, Bloc Party, Shepard Fairey, Steve Aoki.

The LA Weekly Detour successful festival launch gained national interest in how to merge art, music, and local businesses in revitalizing downtown cities.

Challenge #9 – Indie Film Budget, IT setup for multi-camera editing workflow, Marketing, Promotions

“Producing, hiring crew, equipment, and managing digital workflow on a remote location using 6 new cameras, new software, with visual fx component, etc.”


WorldFest Houston Film Festival, Special Jury Award, 2012
“Heathens and Thieves” – Feature Film and Video Productions
Sacramento International Film Festival, Festival Prize, 2012
“Heathens and Thieves” – Outstanding Feature Film
Downtown LA Film Festival, Audience Favorite, 2012
“Heathens and Thieves”
Rome International Film Festival, Best Narrative Feature, 2012
“Heathens and Thieves”
Columbia Gorge International Film Festival, Best Western, 2012
“Heathens and Thieves”
Landlocked Film Festival Iowa, Best Narrative Feature, 2012
“Heathens and Thieves”
Landlocked Film Festival Iowa, Best Actress – Gwendoline Yeo, 2012
“Heathens and Thieves”
#1 Staff Pick on YouTube, 2012
“Heathens and Thieves”

Challenge #10 – Software Engineering vs. High-End Movie Cameras

“Is it possible to fix Arri Alexa Camera editing workflow procedures despite lack of available industry knowledge regarding the new-to-market 4K camera?”

Keely Grigel project managed the workflow for fixing film clips and images as post-production data management consultant. Troubleshooting IT and equipment errors led to the repair of Arri Alexa visual effects issues inside a 4K camera engineering workflow.

* IMDb’s Top 30 Most Anticipated Films of 2012
* #1 Drama on Redbox, 2012
“Freelancers” starring 50 Cent, Robert De Niro, Forest Whitaker